Quick and Careful- Piano and Organ Moving Services

Move with our Piano Relocation Specialist Division

Quick and Careful Piano Movers have built an outstanding reputation with over 20 years of exceptional piano moving services at competitive rates. We move, transport and store the world’s finest pianos and organs daily.

#MovingProTip –
Never trust an amateur mover to move a piano. Hire a specialized Piano Moving Company like us. Piano moving requires a great deal of knowledge and technique and specialized equipment. Untrained movers can cost you thousands in damages to the piano as well as your home.


Quick and Careful piano movers are trained professionals with a great deal of technical knowledge in the art of transporting your piano.
Our piano crews understand the internal workings of a piano and carefully wrap your piano in special blankets and pads.
Our focus is to make moving your piano as painless and as stress free as possible

Piano Moving Prices

Piano moves by themselves are generally a flat rate. (If you are moving other goods along with a piano, we charge hourly, plus a small piano surcharge.) The rate is determined by a few factors; the size of the piano, the location, the amount of stairs, and the difficulty of move i.e.. grass pulls, tight curves, steep slopes. We are available to give quotes over the phone 604-683-8008 or by email sales@quickandcareful.com Pictures help with the estimates.


Quick and Careful Storage hosts hundreds of pianos. Our piano movers arrive at your pickup location to blank wrap, and plastic wrap the piano. The piano is transported on a piano skid. The piano is then delivered to our heated storage facility where it is off-loaded and stored, remaining on the piano skid, and in our blankets until redelivery.

#PianoStorageProTip –
Piano should be stored at room temperature. Find a storage facility that is heated.

The Quick and Careful Piano Moving Difference

  • Regular services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, White Rock and Surrey
  • Fully enclosed piano moving trucks with tailgate and ramp as needed
  • Equipment and expertise for stair moves
  • Prompt and courteous service
  • Fully trained specialized staff
  • Heated Warehouse
  • Piano is stored and transported on the Piano Skid (This prevents tip overs)